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Marl Jumadi And Panjurli

Our Family History

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The Biennial Dhakke Bali will be held on 30th April 2011.
The Annual Bootha Tambila is scheduled to be held on 6th May 2011.

ACCOLE HOUSE is a bunts family whose family members are spread all over the world.The family is originally from Badanidiyoor village in Udupi district,Karnataka,India. The earlier history of the family is not known but according to the story told by the family members -At one time in the earlier stage of the british rule of the district, Accole House had only one family.A lady from the accole family and her husband managed the vast streach of land spread from the present Hampankatte Bus stop to the Kadike beach(about 1 km streach).They had no children .To get a child they on the instruction of a purohith performed naga poojas and installed a brahmin family from Tirupathi to perform pooja .The brahmin family was donated withagricultural land growing 100mudi( 40 quintals) of paddy .After some times the family left the vast streach of land not withstanding the british problems and setteled in upoor-her husbands house contrary to the alia santhana kattu.The "maratha" people who came here for ellamavasya bath in the vadabandeshwara beach saw the vast streach of unmaned land and occupied it and with the help of the british became the PATELs of that area.After some times the accole family had children and after their children grew up they chided their parents for leaving such a rich land and living in a poor condition.Frustrated by this the mother started crying when she went to the forest and called her Bootha(daiva) MALESAVIRA for help who responded by shaking the tree.Next day all the cattels in the patels house couldnot standup or move a inch.After trying all medicines but in vain they went to the purohith who suggested that the real owner of the land the accole house lady only can cure the cattels and she should be given back some part of her land .After a long search they found the family and brought back the family with great difficulty.The family was given a small part of their land .The cattels could move only after the lady's word .This fact is proved by the fact that even today the patel family and the marthas still woriship the boothas(daivas) of the Accole Family.

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